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This is the content of the article that will be written in a smaller font so it is more easily ready. The universities minister, David Willetts, speaking in response to a parliamentary question from the shadow education minister, Liam Byrne, confirmed that the write-off figure – the resource accounting and budgeting (RAB) charge – is rapidly approaching the 48.6% mark. This is the threshold at which experts calculate that the government will lose more money than it would have saved by keeping the old £3,000 tuition fee system.

The coalition's decision to introduce higher fees shortly after it formed led to rioting on the streets and forced a dramatic decline in the Liberal Democrats' poll ratings, from which the party has never fully recovered.

Lower pay for young adults, an over-supply of those with degrees and the worsening economic outlook have all contributed to the revised civil service forecasts which conclude that far fewer graduates will earn enough to pay back their loans over their working lives. Four months ago Willetts notified parliament that the rate had risen to 40% from 35%. In 2010 the estimate was 28%.


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£100 to you

Has the internet killed Have I Got News For You

Perhaps that's unfair. Have I Got News For You isn't just half an hour of Hislop. It's 22 minutes of Ian Hislop, plus four YouTube videos that you've already seen 10 times and an uncomfortable bit where everyone acknowledges a story too serious to be joked about and the audience responds with an awkward mixture of clapping, groaning and silence.

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